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Discussing the Three Rural Emotions Together, Helping Rural Revitalization: Feng Mingwei, Vice President of Syngenta Group in China, Visits Sanfang Chemical Group for Research and Guidance

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2021-04-06 07:47

On the morning of April 5th, Feng Mingwei, Vice President of Syngenta Group China and Co President of Crop Nutrition, visited Sanfang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Chairman Zhang Haitao and General Manager Zhang Lei accompanied the research. Chen Shengnan, Vice General Manager of China Chemical Fertilizer, Yu Mingbing, General Manager of China Chemical Fertilizer Basic Fertilizer Shandong Region, and Yu Xiangying, Duan Yisheng, Sun Zhenlei, and Cui Zebin from China Chemical Corporation, as well as Tian Tuanlin and Pan Fei from the Tripartite Group, participated in the research activity.



Zhang Lei, the general manager of the group, made a brief report on the current operation and development of the group company. The group company has built a factory for 46 years, gradually expanded its production scale, strengthened technological innovation, deeply promoted agrochemical services, and worked hard to improve the brand market value. Under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the Tripartite Group made efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and promptly organized the resumption of work and production; At the same time, we will strengthen the construction of agricultural chemical services and achieve new highs in sales performance. In 2021, the international environment will be constantly changing. Based on market operations, Tripartite Chemical will comprehensively strengthen its strategic cooperation with China Chemical Fertilizer, leverage their respective advantages in raw material reserves, and continuously upgrade their product structure, laying the foundation for the supply of fertilizer products in the market!
Chairman Zhang Haitao gave an introduction to the future five-year plan of the Tripartite Group. He had a detailed exchange on the current factory safety, environmental protection, quality and energy conservation, as well as the construction of the circular industry chain, as well as the expansion project of the Mannheim process potassium sulfate. He expressed gratitude to China Chemical Fertilizer for its high-quality and quantity supply of raw material resources over the years! At the same time, suggestions were put forward for the next step of comprehensive and deep strategic cooperation with China Chemical Fertilizer.
During the exchange, Feng Mingwei highly praised the development of the company and provided constructive suggestions for the comprehensive and strategic cooperation between the two parties. In addition, discussions were held on the development of the innovative business model of Zhongfei Yitong, the business exploration of Green Planting Services (GFS), the changes in procurement and sales patterns, and the current changes in raw material prices.sanfang

After the symposium, Mr. Feng participated in the party building pairing and co construction activities between China Chemical Fertilizer Basic Fertilizer Shandong Region and the Three Party Group. Accompanied by the leaders of the group party committee, he visited the company's party building exhibition hall. As a benchmark enterprise for non-public party building in Linyi City, the Three Party Group has gradually grown in the party building industry in recent years under the guidance of superiors and the Party Committee of the Central Committee, from the development process of the enterprise to the construction of party groups and teams, from the construction of corporate culture The honor of tripartite development cannot be separated from the leadership of the Party. The year 2021 is the centennial of the founding of the CPC. Both parties will strengthen the service consciousness of party members, integrate party building and marketing, organize party members to go to the countryside irregularly for fertilizer application guidance, transport fertilizer to the field, and practice the service spirit of party members.