Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Leadership Address

sanfangFriends from all walks of life:
The 40 year entrepreneurial development process of the Three Party Group, with honest and trustworthy employees, dedication and dedication to their work,
We have walked out of the footprints of integrity and achieved a series of impressive achievements, condensing the care, love, and support of leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, and consumers towards the third-party group. After forty years of hard work and great changes, the Three Party Group, driven by technology and brand engines, has continued to develop and forge ahead, and has embarked on a rapid development path of "technological innovation and continuous surpassing".
In the face of the opportunities and challenges brought by China's land circulation and e-commerce development, the tripartite group has gathered the superior intellectual resources of well-known institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuan Longping academician workstation, Ocean University of China, Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, created a large marketing system of "tripartite innovation and development strategic alliance", actively promoted close cooperation between enterprises and dealers, and established a perfect and refined agrochemical service system, Promote the rapid transformation of the tripartite group towards an integrated and service-oriented modern marketing model, and lead the agricultural materials marketing model to stride forward towards the future direction!
Unity is the strength to persevere all the way, the arm to carry dreams; Peers, we are a family of three, sailing together in the wind and rain, striving for excellence through innovation. Facing the future, the three party group will take the production and sales of fertilizer as the base point, take the blue economy industrial chain as the core, through continuous technological innovation and equipment transformation, integrate the circular production chain with the combination of chemical production and fertilizer processing as the core, and form a model enterprise with environmental protection and low carbon cycle circular production chain; At the same time, it will also form a certain scale in the fields of finance, real estate, etc., and build a healthy and developing modern industrial group.
A family, one thing, do together. The future tripartite group will establish a strong functional fertilizer research and development engineering center, a comprehensive agricultural and chemical service institution base, a strong brand service provider training base, and a close production, supply, and sales one-stop service system to promote the continuous innovation and development of China's ecological agriculture.
I look forward to the joint development and progress of the tripartite group and friends from all sectors of society, building a harmonious enterprise, and creating a century old tripartite relationship!