Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Employee Growth

Training and improvement
1. Internal training - onboarding training, business training.
Onboarding training - Organize new employee training within one month of employment, which can help new employees fully understand the company's development overview and integrate into the company culture.  
Business training - Based on the job situation, organize job business training by combining online learning and offline teaching, which can help new employees quickly understand their job knowledge and adapt to new positions.  
2. External training - learning, communication, and expatriate training at benchmark companies in the same industry. The company will irregularly organize professional and technical employees and outstanding management personnel to communicate with advanced enterprises in the same industry, participate in national and provincial training courses, and transport personnel to higher education institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Shandong University, etc. for training.  
Promotion and Development
1. Technology development channel: Refers to the process of deepening development in a certain or several related fields, pursuing the improvement of professional skills, and becoming an expert in that field.
Technological development path: section member → engineer → senior engineer → chief engineer
2. Management channel: refers to leading a team to complete tasks and become an administrative manager by improving one's own planning, organization, coordination and other management abilities.
Development path of sales management: Business Manager → Regional Manager → Regional Manager → General Manager of Marketing Center
Development path of functional management: section member → deputy manager → manager → deputy general manager