Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Introduction to the Alliance

The Tripartite Innovation and Development Strategic Alliance was jointly founded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China and the Tripartite Group. This alliance is a national strategic cooperation alliance, which is based on the new technology of polyurethane new fertilizer of Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecological Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, supported by the marketing consulting agency of Zhihe Zhituo brand of Ocean University of China, and dominated by the marketing team and dealers of tripartite groups.
Starting from the development and construction of the new industrial park, the tripartite group began to introduce advanced production technology of compound fertilizer in an all-round way, and added polyamine macromolecular polymer to the new technology in the production process of three element compound fertilizer, which is the key subject of Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This technology can not only improve fertilizer utilization efficiency, but also activate soil structure, improve crop quality and reduce environmental pollution. In July 2011, Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Sanfang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. The Tripartite Group has developed two series of new products, polyionic ecological fertilizer and polyergic pearl fertilizer, using the technology of polyamine new fertilizer. Through a large number of demonstration fields, technical training meetings, product promotion meetings, on-site observation meetings, and other means, it has promoted the new concept of scientific fertilization to the vast number of users, enabling consumers to have a preliminary understanding of the concept of polyamine new fertilizer and the characteristics of the functions of polyamine and polyergic products, The market sales have also achieved breakthrough growth, indicating that the product innovation capabilities of the Tripartite Group have been greatly strengthened.
In August 2012, Sanfang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly hosted a forum on the technological development and market promotion of new polyurethane fertilizers, signed and reached a close strategic partnership, aiming to carry out in-depth scientific and technological cooperation, docking and exchange, establish broader cooperation links, and transform more scientific and technological achievements around agricultural development and technical needs, Establish the goal of industrialization and win-win development.
In order to further expand the marketing capabilities of the Tripartite Group, in 2010, a long-term consulting agreement was signed with the Qingdao Zhihe Zhituo Brand Marketing Consulting Agency, a research institute for brand and image at Ocean University of China. Within three years, the long-term strategic planning of the Tripartite Group was completed, the operation system of the marketing center was comprehensively reformed, the compensation system of the group company was reformed, and a sustainable development mechanism adapted to the comprehensive and rapid development of the Tripartite Group was comprehensively constructed.
In recent years, with the development of rural economy entering a new stage of structural adjustment, rural land circulation in China has become increasingly active, and the utilization rate of modern agricultural machinery has gradually increased, transitioning from extensive planting to specialized and large-scale planting. A group of new farmers with both excellent agricultural skills and rich agricultural experience, as well as understanding management, have emerged to engage in agricultural operations, It will inevitably promote the gradual and profound changes in the pattern of the agricultural material market.
In order to cope with the impact of China's land circulation on agricultural means of production and circulation enterprises and adapt to the trend of the times of agricultural means of circulation system reform, the tripartite group advocates a new marketing model of trinity, plans to establish a "tripartite innovation and development strategic alliance", and combines the new fertilizer technology advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the marketing consulting advantages of Ocean University of China, by constantly exploring the innovation and development of new fertilizers, Research and expand organic combination optimization schemes for improving soil environment and fertilizer utilization efficiency. Through research on the land operation mode after land transfer in China, we are committed to exploring the trend of future marketing mode transformation in China, and standardizing the trinity marketing plan of manufacturers, distributors, and distributors. Through alliance operation, form a true strategic partnership and reshape a new model of agricultural material distribution.