Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Creating a Harmonious Enterprise Based on People First

Standardize company employment in accordance with the law
The company conscientiously implements laws and regulations such as the Labor Law and the Labor Contract Law, regulates the production, operation, and management behavior of the enterprise in accordance with the law, and through organizational learning, enables all employees to know, understand, and abide by the law.
Establish and improve the labor contract system for all employees. The signing rate of employee labor contracts reached 99.99%. The content of the labor contract is comprehensive, legal, and the procedures are standardized. The management of various links such as the signing, renewal, visa, termination, and termination of the labor contract is complete. During the signing process, make employees aware of their rights and obligations, and reduce the occurrence of labor disputes.
Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of employees
The company effectively protects the interests of employees and pays six insurances and one fund for employees in accordance with the law, including pension, medical, unemployment, maternity, work-related injury, employer liability insurance, and provident fund. Strictly control overtime and ensure employees' right to rest and vacation.
According to the needs of female employees, we will build Phase IV protection facilities for female employees such as women's homes and mothers' houses.
The company has a comprehensive salary accounting system and salary adjustment mechanism, and ensures that wages are paid to employees within a fixed period of time each month, ensuring no arrears or deductions from employee wages.
The company organizes outstanding employees to go out to study every year, delivers cakes and greeting cards for employees' birthdays, actively promotes the construction of dining facilities and the safety and hygiene of meals in employee restaurants, and pays attention to the improvement and improvement of employee accommodation and dining environment.
Emphasize the construction of corporate culture
During the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, we carried out the project of helping the poor and sending warmth to the needy, and expressed condolences to the needy workers. Provide temporary hardship subsidies to employees and actively play a role in educating their children and providing medical care for themselves or their relatives; Employee Zhang suffered from lung cancer and faced financial difficulties. The company actively mobilized all employees to donate and coordinated to help him apply for a minimum living allowance.
Establish and improve a talent recognition and incentive mechanism. Every year, an employee skills competition is held to select outstanding employees with excellent skills and dedication in each position, and rewards such as bonuses and tourism are given to outstanding employees. The company has special rewards for safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, and comprehensive management, which are selected and rewarded annually. For highly skilled talents, a separate education and professional title subsidy system will be established, and special care will be given in areas such as accommodation and catering.
Carry out various forms of cultural and sports activities. Organize a New Year's Eve party, with employees creating and directing their own content, showcasing their talents and enriching their daily lives. Organize job skills competitions and fun sports events, create a good atmosphere of respecting labor, select outstanding talents for each position, and enhance the cohesion of the company.
Organize the selection of moral models for filial piety and love for the elderly, select ten filial piety stars through activities, and provide honors and material rewards, so that the culture of benevolence and filial piety can take root in three aspects, and contribute to the company's efforts in practicing social responsibility, promoting the culture of benevolence and filial piety.
Conduct skill training at multiple levels to improve the professional skills level of the employee team. Provide various training on production technology, safety, and energy-saving knowledge for employees in different positions, and invite experts from Shenyang Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China, and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to give lectures to enhance their professional quality and skills through training.
Actively assuming social responsibility
Since 2016, the company has started poverty alleviation work. Over the past five years, the group has distributed 8945 tons of poverty alleviation fertilizer to 37928 impoverished households in the county, benefiting a total of 4.003 million yuan to impoverished households. This has contributed to the poverty alleviation cause in the county through tripartite efforts, reflecting the spirit of responsibility of the tripartite people.