Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Operational Content

1、 Pay attention to the process of land transfer in China
1. A research report on the tracking of land transfer in China, to be completed annually;
2. Tracking and research report on changes in land transfer and domestic agricultural material distribution models;
3. Transformation of Agricultural Materials Circulation Mode and Dealers' Response Plan:
4. Research report on the transformation of agricultural material circulation channels and new business consumption models.
2、 Establish and improve the trinity marketing model
1. Research report on the transformation of future marketing models;
2. Build a trinity marketing model to guide members in formulating phased market operation plans;
3. Develop joint market operation plans and corresponding policies to help dealers grow and strengthen;
4. Develop a distributor control plan and assist member units in building a service network.
3、 Conduct dealer seminars and training work
1. Regularly hold seminars for high-end member units, comprehensively track and discuss the latest agricultural means of marketing model, and form an effective experience promotion scheme;
2. Develop member training plans and promote regional training tailored to local conditions;
3. Give full play to the technical advantages of Shenyang Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and provide crop nutrition knowledge and cultivation training services according to the future development direction of fertilizers and the characteristics of new products;
4. Cooperate with member units to manage distributors and large growers, comprehensively carry out various ordering and observation meetings, and comprehensively promote the sales of new products.