Building a Harmonious Enterprise


In order to comprehensively maintain and improve the effectiveness of the use of polyamine new fertilizers, ensure the long-term stable development of the market for polyamine and polyamine new fertilizers, and ensure the long-term interests of distributors, the Tripartite Group has initiated and created a tripartite innovation and development strategic alliance, advocating for manufacturers to jointly respond to market changes and maintain market order. The alliance rules are hereby formulated as follows:
(1) Multi party linkage and information sharing to jointly build core competitive advantages;
(2) Gathering energy and innovating services to enhance the value of third-party brands;
(3) Integrate resources, innovate technology, and share new technological achievements;
(4) Organize innovation, enhance capabilities, and respond to changes in the industry environment;
(5) Proactively fulfill responsibilities, abide by commitments, and maintain reasonable market rules;
(6) Interactive training, professional planning, and configuration of regional personalized plans;
(7) Integrity management, mechanism innovation, and continuous optimization of marketing models;
(8) Manufacturer alliance, win-win cooperation, and joint strategic development plan.
The alliance calls on everyone to comprehensively innovate and develop, jointly establish a vast blue sky of value and diligence, and engage in the long-term business of agricultural material distribution!