Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Membership Preferential Policies

1. The franchise member points policy allows franchise members to accumulate points for the actual sales volume of third-party compound fertilizers distributed by franchise members, and the points are calculated separately based on the nature of the product.
2. Accumulated points can be selected within the reward redemption content determined by the tripartite group before December 31 of each year, and the corresponding rewards can be redeemed uniformly based on the number of points.
3. At the end of each year, based on the actual sales situation of alliance members, the Tripartite Group will select outstanding alliance members to receive 1-3 prizes, and special rewards will be given to distributors who have made outstanding contributions.
4. Alliance member units can use the name of the alliance to conduct terminal promotional activities in the local area, in order to enhance the social status, influence and control of distributors in the local area.
5. The Tripartite Group will provide practical and feasible regional market promotion plans for alliance members, help them promote effective promotions and promotions, and help member units manage and control terminals.
6. Assist member units of the alliance in corporate transformation, complete the impact of changes in the distribution mode of agricultural materials caused by land transfer, and prepare for the change in the operation mode of distributors in advance.