Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Employee rights and interests

Social security benefits
The company effectively protects the rights and interests of employees, pays five insurances for employees in accordance with national regulations, and pays housing provident fund and safety liability insurance for employees to provide more protection.  
Employees should take rest and vacation, strictly control overtime work, and ensure their right to rest and vacation.  
Protection of the rights and interests of female employees, construction of places such as women's homes and mothers' houses, to ensure the living and work needs of female employees.  
We have established a comprehensive salary accounting system and salary adjustment mechanism for salary adjustment and distribution, and ensure that the salary is distributed to employees within a fixed period of time each month, ensuring no arrears or deductions from employee salaries.  
Living facilities
The company actively promotes the construction of dining facilities and the safety and hygiene of food in employee restaurants, focusing on the improvement and enhancement of employee accommodation and dining environment. The company has employee apartments and a large cafeteria, providing free accommodation for employees. The water, electricity, and heating are complete, and the employee bathroom provides hot water 24 hours a day. The employee cafeteria adopts socialized management, which can accommodate 300 people to dine at the same time, and can provide more than 30 dishes to choose from per meal.  

Recreation & Entertainment
The employee activity center is equipped with a reading room, billiards room, table tennis room, and labor technology innovation studio to enrich employees' leisure life.  

Appraise for excellence
The company organizes annual awards and excellence activities to establish and improve a recognition and incentive mechanism for model workers, craftsmen, and highly skilled talents. Every year, outstanding employees with excellent skills and dedication in each position are selected, and the application and distribution of special rewards for safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, and comprehensive management in the company are promoted. The implementation of the company's salary system for highly skilled talents is also promoted, forming a good atmosphere for employees to love and work diligently, and to support the development of the enterprise.  
Cultural Activity 
The company focuses on carrying out various forms of cultural and sports activities to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees. Organize various holiday parties, with employees actively participating, showcasing their versatile talents beyond work. The rich and colorful programs are in line with the actual development of the company, embodying the spirit of dedication and selfless dedication, and enhancing the motivation and strength of employees. Organize the selection of moral models of filial piety, love for the elderly, and provide them with honors and material rewards, so that the culture of benevolence and filial piety gradually takes root in all three aspects. To practice social responsibility, promote the culture of benevolence and filial piety, and contribute to society through filial piety.