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Warmly Celebrate Shandong Sanfang Chemical Group's Award of 2021 "Top 100 Fertilizer Enterprises in China" and "Top 10 Potash Fertilizer Enterprises in China"

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2021-12-21 16:22

On December 16th, at the 2021 14th China Fertilizer Top 100 Selection Conference and China Fertilizer Industry Green Development Summit Forum held in Wuhan, Tripartite Chemical was selected as the 71st China Fertilizer Top 100 and one of China's Top 10 Potash Fertilizer Enterprises. Under the current pressure of overcapacity, safety, and emission reduction in fertilizer production, Tripartite Chemical adheres to the concept of safe and green development for fertilizer enterprises, promotes marketing model innovation through technological demonstration, accelerates technological transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and achieves high-quality green development.


The company has successively reached strategic cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Ecological Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Aerospace Hengfeng Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, etc., forming three core technologies: polymeric amino acid efficiency enhancement technology, comprehensive nutrition multi-dimensional activation technology, and microbial derived remediation. The product quality and market share have rapidly improved, and the compound growth rate of sales revenue has reached 7.5%. As the second domestic enterprise to put into operation Mannheim process potassium sulfate production, after thirty years of development and growth, the production capacity and brand value have been increasing year by year. Our products are renowned for their high purity and complete water solubility both domestically and internationally. The company will take advantage of this trend and establish production bases nationwide to provide high-quality potassium resources to domestic and foreign customers.