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Looking Back on the Past and Looking Forward to the Future, the 2021 Functional Department Debriefing Meeting of the Marketing Center was Successfully Held

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2022-01-18 08:32


Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future. A new starting point, a new journey. On January 14, 2022, the functional department of the Marketing Center of Shandong Sanfang Chemical Group reported on the work situation for the year 2021 and achieved complete success. Sun Qinlong, General Manager of the Marketing Center, Zhang Yongwei, Minister of Management Department, and Zhang Bingzheng, Minister of Agricultural Technology Promotion Department, attended the meeting. This job report is a summary of the work in 2021 based on the position and job responsibilities of each department. In the process of summarizing, further clarify one's own work functions, strengthen one's sense of responsibility, and search for one's potential and shortcomings through work sorting, providing a foundation for the new year's work.


All 19 personnel from the functional departments of the marketing center will report in sequence, and each reporting personnel will be fully prepared to comprehensively, deeply, and objectively report on the work in 2021 through illustrations, examples, and data. Each PPT records the hard work achievements of the employees over the past year, and each PPT is a recognition of their own work and a motivation for themselves. Despite the severe situation of the epidemic, we still adhere to our positions and fulfill the tasks assigned by the group company with due diligence. The reporting personnel treated this report with full enthusiasm and seriousness.


After each functional department concludes their work report, the General Manager of the Marketing Center will give a summary speech regarding the one-day work report. I would like to express my recognition and gratitude for the hard work and achievements of various departments this year. This job report is not only a simple statement and report, but more importantly, it is a review of the entire work of the year and an evaluation of myself. I continuously summarize and grow in my work, learn from experience, and grow again. Finally, we also express our earnest expectations that the new year will uphold our original aspirations, continue to carry forward our past strengths, learn from our experiences, discard our shortcomings, and confidently respond to new challenges, moving forward towards new goals.