Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Shandong Qingshang Chemical Co., Ltd

Shandong Qingshang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture registered and established by Shandong Sanfang Chemical Group and Taiwan Qingshang Chemical Co., Ltd. The company was founded in May 1993 with a total investment of 50 million US dollars and a registered capital of 8.7 million US dollars. It has a first-class domestic high tower production line and an internationally advanced Mannheim production line imported from Taiwan. It produces 200000 tons of high tower granulation compound fertilizer, 100000 tons of potassium sulfate, and 120000 tons of hydrochloric acid annually, It is currently the main domestic Mannheim method potassium sulfate production enterprise.
The company once filled the gap in potassium sulfate production in Shandong Province with a potassium sulfate project. In 1997, it won the Spark Plan Science and Technology Award, and in 1999, it won the Famous Brand Product Award at the China International Agricultural Expo. In recent years, the company has been continuously developing and has passed ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and high-tech enterprise recognition. In 2017, the company's Minfu Nianfeng compound fertilizer product was recognized as a famous brand in Shandong Province in 2017, and in 2020, the company's fully water-soluble potassium sulfate was recognized as a well-known brand in Shandong Province in 2020. In 2022, the company was selected as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shandong Province, and in 2023, it was selected as a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise in Shandong Province.
The high tower granulation technology used in the company's compound fertilizer production is currently the highest level of global compound fertilizer granulation technology. The high content sulfur based compound fertilizer produced has good solubility, rapid fertilizer efficiency, high fertilizer utilization rate, and broad market prospects. Agricultural potassium sulfate products are popular both domestically and internationally, with increasing export volume, and have been exported to countries and regions such as Egypt, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.
Under the guidance of the Three Rural Policies, the company continuously promotes management innovation, technological innovation, and service innovation, creating a modern enterprise management model, supporting and serving the three rural areas with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, and making greater contributions to China's agricultural development and social harmony.