Building a Harmonious Enterprise

Linyi Sanfang Real Estate Co., Ltd

The Shansanfang • Shanshui Longcheng project is the first high-quality residential community built by Sanfang Group, which has been rooted in Junan for 40 years. The project is located in the potential center area of the northern city, along the central axis of the bustling city of Tianqiao Road. It is adjacent to Qingfeng Road to the south, Wofosi Park, a national 3A level scenic spot, to the east, Wuzhou Square, a large comprehensive square in Junan County to the west, closely connected to the old city to the south, and the Jilong River to the north. The environment is beautiful, connected by mountains and rivers, and connected by the dragon vein. Surrounding schools are scattered, adjacent to the Fourth Primary School, Eighth Primary School, Fourth Middle School, and Experimental Middle School. The one-stop high-quality school district resources are fully gathered, paving the way for a bright future for children.
From the overall urban planning of Junan County, the Beicheng District of Junan County is the future administrative and cultural center of Junan. A comprehensive ecological and dynamic new city that integrates administrative office, commercial services, cultural and entertainment, and residential life. The Shanshui Longcheng project is located within this planned area. Whether it is for living or studying, shopping or travel, it allows you to fully enjoy the 5-minute life circle, and its convenience is self-evident.
The project covers a total area of over 80000 square meters, with a construction area of 200000 square meters. It has been completed in three phases. The architectural style is a stunning new Chinese style, consisting of four 5-story multi-storey buildings, eleven 11-story small high-rise buildings, and ten 17+1 story high-rise buildings. The unit sizes range from 85 to 135 square meters, ranging from livable to luxurious, meeting the needs of different types of customers. All unit types can achieve a master bedroom with a sunny sun, north-south transparency, clear kitchen and bathroom, fully considering the health and comfort of the owner's life. The high-speed elevator directly connects to the underground parking lot, and after parking, you can take the elevator home, greatly ensuring the comfort of the owner's life and the convenience of travel.
The Tripartite Group is a trustworthy enterprise among the people of Junan County, and the people who live in Shanshui Longcheng are the ones who are influencing the city. Sanfang • Shanshui Longcheng, as a high-quality residential community of Sanfang Group, will surely build a new benchmark livable community in Junan with strong corporate strength and honest quality.