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Rich in nutrients, containing essential large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements such as sulfur, zinc, boron, and iron for crops; High purity raw material production, fully water-soluble, suitable for flushing, drip irrigation, foliar spraying, etc; Improve soil compaction and acidification, enhance crop stress resistance, increase yield, enhance quality, and extend shelf life.


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A large conglomerate mainly engaged in the production of fertilizers, integrating chemical engineering, scientific research, real estate development, finance and trade, and agricultural chemical services. The main products include compound fertilizers, potassium sulfate, hydrochloric acid, fine chemical and other products, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 1.2 million tons. It is the main Mannheim method potassium sulfate production base in the north, and the products are exported to overseas countries and regions such as Japan, Australia, Egypt, and Southeast Asia.
The development strategy is: based on the production and sales of fertilizer, with the blue economy industrial chain as the core, through continuous technological innovation and equipment transformation, integrate the circular production chain with the combination of chemical production and fertilizer processing as the core, from the source of chemical production to compound fertilizer products, and form a model enterprise with environmental protection, low-carbon, and circular production chain.


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